Quality Assurance

The driving force behind Smart Pack’s success is our commitment to quality assurance. Our team of quality assurance experts has experience in this industry with a firm grip on international quality standards.  At Smart Pack, our inspection and quality assurance team ensure that no stone is left unturned in the monitoring of our product quality.

 Apart from the experience in the quality assurance sector, our team of quality assurance experts is well equipped with the skills, equipment, and knowledge for conducting vigorous quality assurance to evaluate the quality of products; we are well capable of meeting the most stringent standards set by our different clients. From the maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene to delivering defect-free and perfect products, our quality control division is always present in all our production units.

Basic Manufacturing Materials:

  • BOPP - Bi-axially oriented polypropylene

  • BOPP metalize – Bi-axially oriented polypropylene metalize

  • Paper/PE

  • Paper

  • Perlize opaque film

  • PET – Polyester

  • PVC Twist

  • PVC Shrink Label Material

  • Cast metalize – Polypropylene metalize

  • PA – Polyamide

  • Cast – Polypropylene

  • PE – Polyethylene

  • Aluminium

Printing Machine:

Smart Pack has deployed high quality and state-of-the-art rotogravure printing machines which include:

• 8-color rotogravure printing machine

 This machine offers 8-color printing and online lamination. It also uses an Italian technology.

• 9-color rotogravure printing machine

This machine offers 9-color printing and uses an Italian technology.

Lamination Machine:

Smart Pack has installed a Combi3000 lamination machine. This machine can combine two or more layers of solvent-less and solvent-based laminations for proper adhesion and protection of products.

Slitter Machine:

Smart Pack  has deployed 3 advanced slitter machines. Manufactured from remarkable Italian technology, our slitter machines are perfect to do the desired job. Our efficient inspectors are always online to monitor the performance and safe operation of our slitter machines through our online inspection systems.

Aluminum Lid Making Machine:

Smart Pack offers aluminum lids which can be used for PS and PP packages as well as easy-to-open packages used to store yogurt, water, etc.

Blown Film Machine:

Smart Pack offers high-quality triple layer polyethylene films by using state-of-the-art blown film machine. Manufactured and monitored by experts, such advanced machines can manufacture 3 layers of polyethylene film.

Bag-making Machine:

Designed by industry experts, our bag-making machines provide versatility and reliability. Smart Pack has deployed four high-tech bag-making machines which perform cumulative functions, such as manufacturing of stable base bags, T bags, dual-sealed bags and zipper bags.. We also use bag-making machines that can manufacture various kinds of bags.

Shrink Sleeve Machine:

High-tech shrink sleeve machine is used to improve the packing, storage, and transportation of products. Designed by industry experts, our shrink sleeve machines are handpicked to provide you with high-quality tube films for bottles and boxes.

Ice Cone Sleeve Machine:

Smart Pack utilizes the most advanced cone sleeve making machine for manufacturing cones for ice creams. Such machines are true epitomes of efficiency and dependability, helping us to accomplish the required jobs on time. High-tech cone machines help Smart Pack to scale up in manufacturing ice cream cones.

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