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About Smart Pack

With Smart Pack, customers get a chance to indulge in a myriad of packaging, and counseling opportunities which drive the expansion of their business ideas until the business scope meets reality. Would you like to know how we operate? Call us today and let us guide you across a range of excellent quality control and production standards.

We, Smart Pack, are a flexible packaging company providing our customers the materials for packing their goods–we provide flexible packaging material for packing machines. We use the materials for making the flexible packaging (such as BOPP Transparent, Metallized BOPP, Pearlized BOPP, Matte BOPP, Cast polypropylene (CPP), Metallized cast polypropylene (MCPP), PET Transparent, PET Metallized, Matte PET, Polyvinyl chloride (PVC Shrink Film), Polyamide cast & blown film (PA), Polyethylene (PE), Aluminium foil and Paper) and convert them to the flexible packaging materials required by our customers for their various products.


The materials all have different roles that are essential to the performance with thickness.The production phases of our products constitute of main phases:


First phase is the printing through the “Rotogravure” printing machines.


Second phase of production is the lamination–where we study the customer requirements, and use the multilayer structure to laminate, to obtain a single layer material.


Third phase of production phase is the Slitting operation, which is considered as the final operation for “roll stock” products.


Optional forming, such as (shrink sleeve label, ice cream cone sleeves, side seal bag, center seal bag and stand up pouch)

We provide our packaging materials for automatic and fast packing lines such as FFS, BFS and HFS, which use it for their “roll stock” products. These are then used in the packing of all kinds of snacks, beans and frozen products, in addition to the “Wrap around label” for juice and water bottles.

We also manufacture materials for the Shrink sleeve label, which is used as a cover for bottles and it shrinks on them and takes their form. The technology in this product is mainly visible in the way that even after shrinking, the raw material on the bottle does not have any effect on the printed design and the material as well; as there are no bends or contortions in the writings or printed designs as they the way they were before the shrinking.


Mission And Vision

Smart Pack is working with a mission of delivering high-quality film packaging. In addition, Smart Pack seeks to harness the potential and expertise of its specialists to provide customers with innovative packaging solutions.


Core Values

We are a credible company and are responsible for ensuring customer confidentiality. We always place customer satisfaction in our highest priorities by adopting global methods to ensure fast delivery and product quality.


Our Technical Experience

Our technical staff is always ready to provide technical solutions to your packaging requirements. Our team is well experienced in most flexible packaging concepts. In addition, it identifies the best technical options to enhance packaging quality.


All designs and pictures are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent any brand or company.

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