• Multilayer Packaging 

    The structure of our Multilayer Flexible Laminated Packaging “triplex laminates” is made up of a lot of materials...

  • PVC Films

    Shrink sleeve label, which is used as a cover for bottles and it shrinks on them and takes their form. 

  • Aluminum Foil Lids

    Aluminum foil lids are good for product packaging. It is one of the best forms of food-grade packaging material.

  • Frozen Food Packaging

    There are very strict rules and regulations that control the packaging of frozen foods. These rules and regulations are...

  • Top Seal Films

    Top-seal machines provide 'one-stop' for sealing, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and skin-packing; fast...

  • Ice Cream Packaging

    Nothing beats ice cream on a hot summer day! We love it and we enjoy it, it's the yummiest of all sweet treats.

  • Biscuits & Confectionery

    This sector requires flexible packaging solutions that guarantee that products are marketed in a presentation that...

  • Detergent Packaging

    There are many options for detergent packaging. Picking the right option requires taking a huge first step, though.

  • Label For Juice & Beverage

    A juice label needs to sell the product in the cabinet, while performing in a challenging environment.

  • Sugar Sachet Packaging

    A powder can be said to be any solid, dry substance that has been transformed to the state of being fine particles...

  • Refreshment Towel

    Refreshment towels are individually wrapped, hygienic and slightly fragrant. These refresher towels are extremely...

  • Butter Wrapper Packaging

    One of the most important things concerning butter making is its packaging and subsequent...

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