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There are many options for detergent packaging. Picking the right option requires taking a huge first step, though. First you must choose the format of the detergent. Depending on your business, this may be the format you've always offered, the one you're starting with, or the one you're transitioning into. From there, we can provide flexible packaging materials such as stand up pouch, three side seal pouch or label; choose your industry needs.

If you're offering a liquid, sizes typically range from 50 to 210 fluid ounces. The variety of sizes is important too. From those needing lighter-weight packaging for their laundry load, to larger families who need their quantity, convenience and cost-effectiveness of buying in bulk; we have great packaging options to meet the needs of all target customer groups.

We understand the importance of proper packaging for detergents industries. We provide flexible packaging material for liquid detergents, powder detergents, and soaps. Nothing is more important in the packaging of detergents other than making the package leakage proof. 


We make sure that our packaging material is of the best grade and quality for use in your industries. The goal is also to improve and extend the shelf-life of the products. We also ensure that you grab the customer’s attention with ease by providing packaging material.

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