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Top-seal machines provide 'one-stop' for sealing, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and skin-packing; fast, cost effective and user friendly. For packaging, flexibility is a 'must have' for any food packaging industry. Tray sizes and shapes vary with product variety and retailer, demanding continuous adjustments to the equipment. At the same time, top-sealing, MAP and skin-packaging are becoming increasingly popular, for enhancing shelf-life.

Top seal helps customers and consumers, pack their products in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Because of the top-seal principle, plastic consumption is reduced to a great extent. The move from traditional clip on lid to a top-seal film for trays can reduce packaging materials by as much as 42% and has the potential to offer a saving of up to 10 tons of plastic for every 1 million trays sealed. 

Top-seal packaging is a technique that consists of sealing at the top of the preformed tray, with this we provide the best flexible packaging material for this technique. To elongate the shelf-life of the packaged product, our packaging material goes through a process known as gas flushing.


It is important to us that the barriers of gas that exist on both the packaging film and tray in which our packaging material will be organized are well sealed. We supply top-seal films of various qualities for your industry. 

Top-seal packaging is popularly used for the packaging of fresh produce such as ready meals and many more. It is considered to be one of the best packaging solutions for your industry. If you use the method of packing, then it is important that you look towards top-seal packaging, and when you do you will realize that we are the best people to provide the packaging material.

Our flexible packaging material has a technique for top-seal films that can save our client the extra cost of purchasing more packaging materials. 

  • What makes this packaging material special?
    Drop tests and Verification: Our packaging material will assure the subject of drop testing. Drop testing checks the impact our packaging material can endure during handling. Through drop testing, we have been able to calculate how a fall can affect our packaging material. The corners, edges, and surfaces of our packaging material can handle considerable impact with little or no damage. Our packaging material protects its content. Hot tack compatibility: Our multilayer flexible laminated packaging material has a strong heat seal between the surfaces of the layers . Leakage proof: Our multilayer packaging material is leak proof. The packaging material prevents the leakage of its content, and enhances protection, preventing loss. There are lots of factors such as physical, chemical, and environmental factors that will contaminate or damage the food product. Sealing it shut keeps these factors away from the food content. The multilayer flexible is a good packaging material to use in your industry, especially for food products that you intend to preserve or store for a long period of time. It helps to elongate the shelf life of its content.
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