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A powder can be said to be any solid, dry substance that has been transformed to the state of being fine particles by the process of grinding or crushing. Many consumer end products today are in powdered form which assures the product of its ease of use– be it in dissolution in liquids, combination with other substances, or even when it is utilized right away in its original form.

And all these is due to the fact that the fine, loose state of the particles of powders gives it a very large surface area advantage which can be utilized by various industries, such as: the sugar industry for making powdered sugar that easily dissolves in water or other solutions, the salt industry for making powdered salt that easily dissolves in various solutions, etc.

When designing a new package it is important consumers understand how the product works and how using it will benefit their lives. It can be difficult to identify these details in the label, but we ensure this in our company. 

We are a premier source for converting paper polyethylene and we use paper for converting, printing and packaging. One of our major focuses is on convertible paper used on convertible paper or paperboard. Our products are well accepted by food companies. Our experienced team of professionals gather in-depth knowledge on extrusion of our products. 


We are engaged in providing a range of high-quality PE coated paper that is layered with polyethylene, providing a very strong moisture and grease barrier and PE coated kraft paper for sugar sachets. We offer a wide variety of paper for sugar sachets using a superior quality raw material. These are flexible in nature, finish, and size as per the specification provided by our clients. 

Our range of paper for sugar sachets are made as per clients' requirements, based on the type of products that are to be packed. These laminates are a combination of LDPE laminated to paper, these offers better seal strength and a high degree of tamper proof.

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