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Refreshment towels are individually wrapped, hygienic and slightly fragrant. These refresher towels are extremely popular for eat-in restaurants, especially for those serving food that's eaten by hand (e.g. crab). Additionally, they are a great giveaway item for busy take-away restaurants.

They are commonly used both hot and cold. Each pre-rolled towel is designed for single use, greatly adding to customer comfort during and after their meals.

We provide packaging material that can be used for the industry of Refreshment towel packing. Refreshment towels must be packaged to maintain their freshness and enhance their sanitary conditions. Our Refreshment towel packaging material is designed to be friendly to cleansing solutions that the towels are soaked in for fragrance. 


Our packaging material structure can improve the shelf-life of the refreshment towel, especially when preserved under room temperature.

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