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There are very strict rules and regulations that control the packaging of frozen foods. These rules and regulations are expedient in deciding the quality of frozen foods. When it comes to frozen food packaging, you must ensure that safety is your first measure, we consider this first and foremost when we produce the packaging for frozen food. Besides this, you have to choose the appropriate material that would withstand freezing temperatures. 

Frozen food packaging is a dynamic process that requires utmost attention and detail. While freezing, most frozen food products expand up to 9% depending on their moisture content. Therefore, the frozen food’s packaging material needs to be strong and flexible to accommodate these changes.

To protect the frozen foods, we make use of special materials to make sure that there are necessary protective features to preserve and protect frozen foods.

Various factors aim toward reducing the quality of frozen food. Factors such as soiling, the attack of microorganisms, loss of water content, ingress of moisture, impact, loss of aroma, and pressure are always working against frozen foods. Packaging is the only way to preserve and protect it. 


Increased Permeability


For the safety of food, there needs to be reasonable permeability in the packaging material. The reason for this is to avoid the transfer of dangerous chemicals or ingredients used in the packaging material to the food. Our frozen food packaging material has increased permeability to ensure the safety of your frozen food.  

  • What makes this packaging material special?
    Drop tests and Verification: Our packaging material will assure the subject of drop testing. Drop testing checks the impact our packaging material can endure during handling. Through drop testing, we have been able to calculate how a fall can affect our packaging material. The corners, edges, and surfaces of our packaging material can handle considerable impact with little or no damage. Our packaging material protects its content. Hot tack compatibility: Our multilayer flexible laminated packaging material has a strong heat seal between the surfaces of the layers . Leakage proof: Our multilayer packaging material is leak proof. The packaging material prevents the leakage of its content, and enhances protection, preventing loss. There are lots of factors such as physical, chemical, and environmental factors that will contaminate or damage the food product. Sealing it shut keeps these factors away from the food content. The multilayer flexible is a good packaging material to use in your industry, especially for food products that you intend to preserve or store for a long period of time. It helps to elongate the shelf life of its content.
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