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Nothing beats ice cream on a hot summer day! We love it and we enjoy it, it's the yummiest of all sweet treats. The best thing about ice cream is that it comes in different flavors, which automatically means that everyone can have the flavor of their choice and enjoy this cold and sweet delicacy. No matter what your preference is, there is an ice cream flavor out there for you.

Ice-cream are not only delicious, they are also very exciting to look at, as they are quite colorful and very often decorated to make the ice cream eye-catching! And what can make ice cream more exciting or eye-catching than the packaging design. As with other products, it needs to be beautiful and quite innovative. Other than that, it needs to maintain the consistency of ice-cream in order to make it more durable. 

Ice-cream with exciting packaging will make people buy it not only because it is good, but also because it looks nice on the shelf. We do a great job in creating brilliant eye-catching ice cream packaging designs. 

We manufacture and supply exceptionally good flexible packaging material for ice cream industries with impeccable quality.


With our experience and expertise, we can provide you flexible packaging material for ice cream, like: cone sleeves, Ice lolly packaging films, and Lollipop packaging films. We have a range of options and solutions for ice cream packaging.  

We provide flexible packaging materials for ice cream industries, for every capacity. It is easy for you to choose from our variety what works for your product. We have the straight cylindrical ranges that are in demand and are used by most people for the packaging for the ice cream industry. 

In more recent times, newer kinds of packaging materials have been adopted for the packaging of ice cream. 


We also provide more appealing packaging material that is both transparent and glossy. This makes it look a lot better. 

  • What makes this packaging material special?
    Drop tests and Verification: Our packaging material will assure the subject of drop testing. Drop testing checks the impact our packaging material can endure during handling. Through drop testing, we have been able to calculate how a fall can affect our packaging material. The corners, edges, and surfaces of our packaging material can handle considerable impact with little or no damage. Our packaging material protects its content. Hot tack compatibility: Our multilayer flexible laminated packaging material has a strong heat seal between the surfaces of the layers . Leakage proof: Our multilayer packaging material is leak proof. The packaging material prevents the leakage of its content, and enhances protection, preventing loss. There are lots of factors such as physical, chemical, and environmental factors that will contaminate or damage the food product. Sealing it shut keeps these factors away from the food content. The multilayer flexible is a good packaging material to use in your industry, especially for food products that you intend to preserve or store for a long period of time. It helps to elongate the shelf life of its content.
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