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One of the most important things concerning butter making is its packaging and subsequent preservations. When butter isn’t packaged adequately, it reduces its shelf life because the butter becomes rancid and might even develop bad odors–which is caused by its exposure to light and air. Properly packaged butter can maintain its quality for long time.

This is where we come into the picture, with our Butter laminated aluminum foil wraps. Our butter laminated aluminum foil wraps are used for packaging dairy butter. Our foil wrap is grease-proof, leakage–proof and resists puncture and corrosion, with tear-proof properties and also extends shelf-life of the butter packaged in it.

Our package material is opaque and provides a good barrier against oxygen and foreign odors. This selection is the right type of packaging material which maintains product integrity. 

We also offer multi-layered laminate made from ALU foil laminated with paper for butter wrapping. Butter wrap paper is an elegant, fat resistant ALU foil laminated with paper used for food.

We offer flexible packaging material for Butter wrapper, which is a premium quality of paper laminated aluminum that is coated with certain formulations. Butter is a dairy product that does not easily maintain its form as it melts when subjected to heat and hardens when subjected to very cold temperatures. When butter absorbs other substances, the odor and taste of the butter are altered. It also spoils in a rancid environment or when subjected to improper exposure.  


We produce the best flexible packaging materials that can keep oxygen and external odor away from the butter. We produce the best packaging material that preserves the integrity of the butter. This is obviously very crucial to prevent the butter from getting damaged. Also, the shelf-life can easily be decreased if not properly maintained. 
We provide the flexible multilayer laminate for butter wrapping. Butter wrapping is very visually appealing and has a lot of customers enchanted. The paper used for butter wrap is fat resistant and the aluminum is one of high quality. This aluminum is also designed to be harmless to food.  

Butter wrap packaging material consists of premium high-quality paper. This paper is wax coated after laminated with aluminum foil. The packaging material is designed to meet high-speed packaging industry machinery. It goes further to ensure that there is high impermeability as the intrusion of external moisture or gas can lead to the butter losing its integrity.

We use the right materials for our packaging films just so the shelf-life of butter, which is a volatile product, is improved.

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