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A juice label needs to sell the product in the cabinet, while performing in a challenging environment. Juice labels can be exposed to heat, cold moisture and condensation throughout their life cycle, and need to remain in pristine condition. Our wide range of material choices are well suited to these challenges. 

We provide BOPP Label films, BOPP wrap-around white label–with high gloss, white pearlescent high gloss appearance and Consistent slip. We also provide BOPP transparent film–a wrap-around label with high transparency, good optical properties, good mechanical properties, and good antistatic & slip properties. 

Both options comply with EC and FDA regulations and can be used for Juice and Beverage products industries. The BOPP Label is popular among consumers.


Manufacturers are fond of our label packaging solution for juice. The best thing about our label material is that it is flexible. We do not hold back at providing choices for our customers. We give them a range that they can choose from, filled with choices of what works for them.

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