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This sector requires flexible packaging solutions that guarantee that products are marketed in a presentation that is appropriate for traditional products, in attractive and easy use packages. We are aware that our client's success rate depends on the quality of the product and their presentation at the point of sale.

We combine double layers of bi-axially oriented polypropylene film “BOPP” or Cast polypropylene film “CPP” (matte or transparent), laminated with Metallized bi-axially oriented polypropylene film. 

We provide flexible packaging material for the cookies and snacks industries, including products that are delicate, like in the industry of chips, wafers, and nuts. The packaging material we assure you will have the features of being sealed completely, to avoid contact with air and moisture, which will damage it. With our packaging material, we will preserve the taste, crunchiness, and even the freshness of the product.


If you're in the industry of confectioneries, then you must find a way to blend quality with visual appeal. Biscuits and confectioneries must be pleasing and attractive. We use more recent technologies to come up with attractive packaging material for the candies industry, all the while maintaining the quality and flavor for the end customer appearance. We can make pouches that can be resealed for larger products that may not be consumed at once. 

  • What makes this packaging material special?
    Drop tests and Verification: Our packaging material will assure the subject of drop testing. Drop testing checks the impact our packaging material can endure during handling. Through drop testing, we have been able to calculate how a fall can affect our packaging material. The corners, edges, and surfaces of our packaging material can handle considerable impact with little or no damage. Our packaging material protects its content. Hot tack compatibility: Our multilayer flexible laminated packaging material has a strong heat seal between the surfaces of the layers . Leakage proof: Our multilayer packaging material is leak proof. The packaging material prevents the leakage of its content, and enhances protection, preventing loss. There are lots of factors such as physical, chemical, and environmental factors that will contaminate or damage the food product. Sealing it shut keeps these factors away from the food content. The multilayer flexible is a good packaging material to use in your industry, especially for food products that you intend to preserve or store for a long period of time. It helps to elongate the shelf life of its content.
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